Triolo srl

Rod end inox

TRIOLO s.r.l. is a factory which was born in 1998 thanks to the eng. Innocenzo Triolo dues in many years of projects and business managements in the engineering industry.
Firstly it gets into the market with two ranges of products:
• Rod end
• Universal joint cold forged
Very soon in addition to the upper products we have been joining:
• Special products
designed and manufactured to meet a need or request of the customer and are supplied exclusively to the same customer, after careful analysis of the specific issues. The strength of the design procedure TRIOLO srl is in the ability and flexibility in the production of the pieces in the foreground while keeping the cost minimization, the operation of the product and its durability.

TRIOLO s.r.l. - Via della Solidarietà 29/a - loc. Crespellano 40053 Valsamoggia (BO) - Italy
Tel. (+39) 051-969937 - Fax (+39) 051-6720829 - Codice fiscale e P. IVA 01868061209